Data Science of a Post Covid-19 14-Day Fast With a Dislocated Elbow

Data Science of a Post Covid-19 14-Day Fast With a Dislocated Elbow Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor about fasting. This article is not advice but an explanation of the data science around a 14-day fast. I did tell my general practitioner I was about to do a 14-day fast. Additionally, Dr. Jason Fung has a great book, The Complete Guide to Fasting, about fasting that spells out a safe 14-day protocol.

Organic Technology

Organic Technology The general public widely knows the concept of negative externalities in the broader scope of capitalism; a great example is a factory that sells products but emits black soot into the air, hurting people’s health in their neighborhoods. A negative externality is a cost to a third party from consuming a product. One example is the recent case of PCB, or polychlorinated biphenyl, pollution by Monsanto in Anniston, Alabama, beginning in 1929.

Data science Meets Intermittent Fasting

Back in the early 1990’s I attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and majored in Nutritional Science. I picked this degree because I was obsessed with being a professional athlete. I felt like studying Nutritional Science could give me an extra edge. I was first exposed to research about calorie restriction and aging. I was also involved in self-experimentation in my Nutritional Biochemistry class. We centrifuged our own blood and calculated LDL, HDL, and total cholesterol levels.

Healthcare in the USA

One of the startling facts about the United States is the ability for the country to be a global leader in many facets of modern countries yet fall behind remarkably in others, such as health care. A great example of this phenomenon is the fact that of the top twenty companies in the world by market cap, 15 out of 20 are from the U.S. On the other hand, the U.

One Million Trained by 2021

Disruption is always easy to spot in hindsight. How did paying one million dollars for a taxi medallion make sense as a mechanism to facilitate public taxi service? File:CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO 1996 -TAXI MEDALLION SUPPLEMENTAL LICENSEPLATE - Flickr - woody1778a.jpg What were the problems that companies like Lyft and Uber solved? Lower price Push vs. Pull (Driver comes to you) Predictable service Habit building feedback loop Async by design Digital vs analog Non-linear workflow Current State of Higher Education That Will Be Disrupted A similar disruption is underway with education.

Pear Revenue Strategy

We live in a new era. It is possible to start a business with a laptop and an internet connection. As a long time consultant and entrepreneur, I have come up with a framework that works for me. When evaluating who to work with and what project to work on, I think of PPEAR or “pear”. P(Passive) P(Positive) E(Exponential) A(Autonomy) R(Rule of 25%) Passive Does this action lead to passive income: books, products, investments?

Why There Will Be No Data Science Job Titles By 2029

originally published in Forbes, Feb 4, 2019: There will be no data science job listings in about 10 years, and here is why. There are no MBA jobs in 2019, just like there are no computer science jobs. MBAs, computer science degrees and data science degrees are degrees, not jobs. I believe the reason companies are hiring people into data science job titles is because they recognize there are emerging trends (cloud computing, big data, AI, machine learning), and they want to invest in them.