Ethical Functional Strength

Ethical Weighting

What is an ethical weakling? Someone who says one of the following: “Everything is bad”, “Everything is the same” when confronted with unethical company or product. The counter to this is develop ethical muscles and weigh attributes again one product or company against another. We can select better solutions, no, everything isn’t equal. Additionally, things are not static, if your selected alternative gets worse, then swap.

A general heuristic is:

import ethics

openai_ethics = 60 
anthropic_ethics = 80

while True:
  if openai_ethics > anthropic_ethics:
    print("OpenAI is more ethical") 
  elif anthropic_ethics > openai_ethics:
    print("Anthropic is more ethical")
    print("OpenAI and Anthropic have equal ethics")

  user_input = input("Continue comparing? (y/n) ")
  if user_input == 'n':